Mars was the war god of the ancient Romans. Ancient astrologers thought that this planet represented violence and sudden anger.Nowadays, astrologers acknowledge that Mars has shown more assertiveness and energy degrees in the star map.Mars is a masculine planet and gives offensive, strong, entrepreneurial, energetic, brave, daring, fiery features.It expresses all kinds of ambition, health, and leadership skills.It represents all the cutting tools, weapons, fire and flammable everything.Mars manages the sexual glands, muscles, urethra, production organs and adrenal glands in the body.
Mars in any event that requires stability and stability should be in harmony with other planets.When Mars makes good angles, it makes you stand and be wise.Anger bursts and the likelihood of accidents increase when Mars energy is high.

Mars completes his tour around the Zodiac in two years. Each sign stays for six weeks. When he goes back, he can stay for 7-8 months in the same sign. In astrology, Mars is the ruler of the Aries. He is also the second ruler of Scorpio.

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