In mythology, Mercury was known as the messenger of the gods.In astrology, this planet represents communication.All kinds of speech, writing, travel are under the control of this planet.It is an extremely fast and easily adaptable planet that acquires new information continuously. Mercury represents logic, understanding and opinion. The position of Mercury in the star map shows the intellectual level of how the owner possesses a brain and nervous system.  

Mercury directs the nervous system, lungs and thyroid gland in the human body.Any kind of information, learning and transportation are governed by mercury.Signing an agreement is not a good period for making important decisions.   This planet manages to speak and how ideas are expressed.Mercury's house tells you how to collect and distribute information.When Mercury gets an opposite angle, others can oppose your ideas or talk too much.When he makes positive angles with the other planets on your star map, it will be a good time to make new agreements, contracts, buy a new car or even give lectures.  

Mercury also manages close relatives, maps, letters, mail, travel, plans, appointments, routes, vehicles, advertising, publishing, sales, public relations and services provided over the internet.The administrator of the virtual world is Aquarius.Hurry mail is the manager of the courier services. In astrology, Mercury governs Gemini and Virgo.  

Mercury spends 2-3 weeks in each sign.But when he goes back, he can stay in a sign for 10 weeks.He completes his tour of the zodiac in a year. He never leaves the sun.  

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