The sun is the brightest star we can see in the world.Because the sun is the power that gives life to the world, it is interpreted as creative in astrology.Since the sun is a star, it is usually taken as the executive power of the birth chart.In a star map, the Sun's horoscope shows the owner's personality and how he or she indicates this personality.When most people are born, they reflect the characteristics of the sign of the Sun. There would be no life without the sun. Sun directs your individuality, your personal character, your goals, your determination, your pride, your vitality, your health, your personal success, your social success and your heart.In summary, the Sun is your ego.This planet determines your place in society and how others see you.

The Sun, which is considered the heart of our planet system, manages the heart and spinal cord in our body.In astrology, Sun is the ruler of Leo.Sun "male" is considered a star, he collects the concepts of fatherhood and authority.He represents your father, male boss, important male customers, men who matter in your life, your current boyfriend, and your boy.

You can say why people from the same sign are not the same.Because you have a rising sign.This is the planet that rises on the horizon when you are born. We can calculate this by the time and place of birth.

The rising horoscope is very important, but if you do not know the time of birth, don't worry.You can also learn a lot with your sun sign.You can learn the periods of abundance of your life or the periods you are restricted.

The sun tells you how you express your individuality, how your ego exposes its energy.The relationship of the Sun with other planets in your star map also means a lot.The Sun completes its tour around the Zodiac in a year

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